Becoming Agile - Shaping the path together

With a customized approach on the way to an agile organization in the VUCA & BANI-world, transforming your company into a bold and resilient one. Are you ready?

Agile strength

Do you encounter inefficient processes and stuck patterns in your organization? Would you like to improve the way your company or team works, but you don't know where to start?

Agile organizations like to question themselves to get better and stronger in the long term. Agile strength impacts employee performance - and the customers feel it, too.

Working with Agile Creation

In times of VUCA and BANI, networks are more important than ever: I am convinced that transformation in organizations evolves primarily through collaboration. If you involve your employees, you will initiate truly tangible and sustainable changes.

My partners and I do not deliver run-of-the-mill solutions on a silver platter. Together with you and your team, we develop tailor-made solutions - as impulse-givers, co-creators, out-of-the-box thinkers as well as creative companions.

Dr. Anne Michel

The heart behind agile creation

I am Anne, the founder of Agile Creation. I have been working as an organizational developer, business coach and trainer for many years. In doing so, my heart beats very firmly for agility. Setting new sails? Sure, I'm in.

My philosophy of life: «Change by Design and not by Disaster». Proactively change the pain points your company has to face before they eventually get a firm grip on you. The idea behind it: Don't be the «victim of external influences», but an initiator and creative designer of change.

Grow together

Among others, I was already allowed to support these organizations in breaking patterns, changing perspectives and making agility a faithful companion.

Dein Business Coach: Dr. Anne Michel

What an Agile Mindset can do for you

Dein Business Coach: Dr. Anne Michel

An agile mindset brings more power, courage and endurance to life

Dein Business Coach: Dr. Anne Michel

An agile mindset helps to flexibly adapt to innovations in the outside world

Dein Business Coach: Dr. Anne Michel

An agile mindset promotes creative thinking in a competitive environment

What customers & Colleagues say about Agile Creation

If you are looking for someone to moderate your company's workshop, assist with your communication strategy, or offer consulting advice more broadly, Dr Anne Michel cannot be recommended warmly enough. I have worked with Anne on joint research projects and find her to be highly intelligent, professional and with global experience. She is a delight to work with, given her Northern German charm and wit. She brings a holistic perspective to the table, including a solid theoretical and conceptual foundation dating back to her scholarly work with universities.

— Dr. Chris Baumann
Associate Professor Macquarie University, Sydney

We have booked Dr. Michel since 2014 for various trainings and coachings. The performance and contents of the trainings were rated above-average positive in the participant feedback. In addition, I have come to know Dr. Michel as extremely reliable, agile and flexible. She also sees short-term plan changes as a challenge and is very focused on providing her participants with an optimal learning experience.

— Michael Harms
Corp. Vice President HR Legal & HR Germany Beiersdorf AG

Dr. Anne Michel conveys her training content in a very clear and entertaining way due to her direct and relaxed manner and her comprehensible way of expressing herself. I have attended several of her project management courses and can only recommend them. She often clarifies the content with vivid examples and strongly involves the participants, encouraging interactions and group work. This makes the training courses very entertaining, and the content taught stays in the mind. Keep it up! 😊

— Dominik Freund
Research Assistant University of Duisburg-Essen

Over the last few months, I had the opportunity to work with Anne on a very customer-oriented project. Working with Anne was always characterized by high professionalism, high energy input and always authentic. Her way of thinking and working stimulates and inspires. She also lives what she writes - Goal Agile - i.e. she is agile, quick-thinking, direct and with heart and soul. I am enormously looking forward to further projects.

— Dieter Fischer
Managing Partner KREANOS AG

I worked together with Anne in an important HR project. I was impressed by her fast and accurate way of working. Over the months we worked together I observed a very structured and methodological approach to all the issues that we encountered. Anne is always willing and ready to help and her mentor attitude makes her a wonderful person to work with. It is always a pleasure, working with people as professional as Anne and I would definitely recommend her to any team out there.

— Linda Lower
Head of Education & Development Migros Cooperative, Eastern Switzerland

It's rare that you come across standout talent like Anne. I had the pleasure of working with Anne for one year at a client in the same project. She supported us in our communication and marketing efforts. I was particularly impressed by Anne's ability to quickly grasp the essence of what we wanted to say and her fast response time. She always managed to loosen up tensions with her refreshing personality. Anne would be an asset to any team.

— Florian Amstutz
Experienced Agile Coach Amstutz Consulting GmbH

Anne is excellent at activating stimulating and constructive team dynamics in the seminar. With her expertise, she provides further assessments of specific project management problems and is able to embed them in real-life examples. A balanced amount of input and interaction, of individual work and group tasks ensures the personal learning success of all participants. I have never before experienced a seminar series that was so intensive in terms of content and at the same time so motivating in terms of mutual exchange.

— Dr. Maximilian Schiffers
Research Assistant University of Duisburg-Essen

Dr. Anne Michel convinces with her incredible expertise as well as her strong personality. In the seminar she has a feeling for each individual participant and the different needs in the group. With energy, ease and clear goal orientation, she leads through the seminar in an entertaining way. She is a great trainer and absolutely recommendable!

— Jana Winterling
Managing Director Expert Training

I appreciate Anne as a colleague since many years. I have experienced her as an extremely careful and goal-oriented person. She is very committed and reliable. In addition, she has a high level of professional competence in the area of agile project management/communication and broadens her professional education on a regular basis. Personally, I would describe Anne as an uncomplicated and open-minded person. She masters stressful situations effortlessly, always keeping the overview. Anne works focused and goal-oriented, but is always keeping care of the people she is working with. This is what I really like about her.

— Dr. Larissa Sundermann
Member of the Management Board HSO School of Business and Information Technology
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